Hey there folks,

I arrive bearing good news! Despite a brief absence, Malicious Intent is live once more at KU and after connecting with Wulf a couple of weeks ago it became apparent that my presence in the extended MI family was an absolute necessity. I’m glad to be a part of this blog, and even more glad to be a part of the MI revival.

I began hosting the show back in August at the request of an old friend and current programming director at KJHK. My passion for music has always been best explored in my love for metal, so it’s hardly something I could say no to. I’ll not bore the lot of you too much of those details, but I’ll at least explain my connection to the genre and how I approach hosting the show.

I’ve been an avid metal fan since I was a wee lad, and moved into the more extreme realm of its existence during middle school. I guess I’ve never really looked back, and while I’ve certainly branched out to other genres since that time, I still barrage my ears with wall-of-sound rhythms, buzzsaw riffing, blistering solos and machine-gun drumming at least 80% of the time.

As a hobbyist musician, I know that what I appreciate about the genre of metal most is its relation to classical, jazz and blues stylizations. There are so many talented artists out there who are attempting to reshape music as we know it, and I believe that comes from the ability to take so many influences to an extreme and abstract fruition. That makes my time as the host of Malicious Intent that much more enjoyable because I can simultaneously enjoy such a visceral genre and still discuss intricate compositional qualities on air.

As far as Malicious Intent goes, my goal from the beginning was to represent the genre of metal in the same way that I listen to it: all of its sub-genres capture my attention in some way or another, so what you hear is a reflection of that. I also like to be sure that I’m not simply playing the things that I enjoy. For example, I don’t play much deathcore, but I don’t shy away from it for the sake of “trve”ness. We’re currently rebuilding our metal collection in the station based upon what I can bring in every week. This has limited request potential to some degree, but I’m doing my best!

One other bit of important information is that the show time has actually changed – it now runs from 10 p.m. – midnight on Saturdays as opposed to the Sunday schedule it used to be on. Wulf had a nice suggestion that I’m trying to follow up on that will allow me to rip the streams of the show and republish it as a podcast – stay tuned for more on that in the near future. Until that time, you can check the show out on 90.7FM in Lawrence or online at kjhk.org! 
I’ll be popping up here pretty regularly now, so cheers until next time!