What a show!   CJ and Judge Dredd get anti-establishment in this Independence Day-themed show!   However, they play Iced Earth at the end so I guess that cancels out all the earlier anti-government tracks that were played before them.   Get a job you two!

Also, local mysterious post-black metal bros Aprilmist join us in the studio for a live interrogation and talk about their new EP, “Bleak“.   Do you dare to listen to their grim proclamations??


  1.    Ulcerate (New Zealand)
  2.    Ad Nauseam (Italy)
  3.    Sanctuaire (Canada)
  4.    Aprilmist (USA)
  5.    Archivist (International)
  6.    Jarun (Poland)
  7.    Raventale (Ukraine)
  8.    Rotten Sound (Finland)
  9.    Khariot (Australia)
  10.    Dark Funeral (Sweden)
  11.    Napalm Death (UK)
  12.    Napalm Death (UK)
  13.    Disrupt (USA)
  14.    Brutal Truth (USA)
  15.    Nails (USA)
  16.    Pig Destroyer (USA)
  17.    Dying Fetus (USA)
  18.    Troglodyte (USA)
  19.    Suffocation (USA)
  20.    Dragged into Sunlight (UK)
  21.    Primitive Man (USA)
  22.    Cult Leader (USA)
  23.    Gaza (USA)
  24.    Lamb of God (USA)
  25.    Sepultura (Brazil)
  26.    Type O Negative (USA)
  27.    Iced Earth (USA)
  28.    Iced Earth (USA)