Judge Dredd and CJ were all pretty bummed out about the mighty Macho Man Randy Savage finally heeding the call to ascend to the great Squared Circle in the Sky, so why not celebrate his life with a bunch of bad jokes, lousy impersonations, and, of course, Judge Dredd’s nonstop giggling.  Oh, and a metal playlist that has nothing to do with pro-wrestling or anything that could be considered appropriate as a tribute to the life of Mr. “Snap Into a Slim-Jim!!” himself.  Seriously though, it’s a great show!  Enjoy!!


  1.   Dead Congregation (Greece)
  2.   Coffins (Japan)
  3.   Descend into Nothingness (Canada)
  4.   Enfold Darkness (USA)
  5.   Anomalous (USA)
  6.   Anata (Germany)
  7.   Gorod (France)
  8.   Necrophagist (Germany)
  9.   In Flames (Sweden)
  10.   Archons (Canada)
  11.   Inferi (USA)
  12.   Vale of Pnath (USA)
  13.   Skeletonwitch (USA)
  14.   Stonehaven (USA)
  15.   Cryptopsy (Canada)
  16.   Origin (USA)
  17.   Sedlec Ossuary (USA)
  18.   Between the Buried and Me (USA)
  19.   The Dillinger Escape Plan (USA)
  20.   Behold…the Arctopus (USA)
  21.   Voivod (Canada)
  22.   Melting Point of Bronze (USA)
  23.   Melechesh (Israel)
  24.   Absu (USA)
  25.   Nokturnal Mortum (Ukraine)
  26.   Drudkh (Ukraine)