Previously unseen photo of Professor Grindstein from his high school yearbook

After a long hiatus (I guess?  I’m usually in the dark when it comes to what’s going on with the show), Malicious Intent is back in action!!  CJ is out of the studio for this episode, but instead of flying solo, Judge Dredd is joined by none other than MI legend Professor Grindstein, who happened to bring up a ton of vinyl!  Lots of black metal, thrash, doom, and local (Lawrence / KC) stuff!!  It’s a killer show that you won’t want to miss!!

Also, if you’re interested in country music or want to hear more of Professor Grindstein, check out his old-school country music show here!




  1.  Torn the Fuck Apart (USA)
  2.  Marasmus (USA)
  3.  After Nations (USA)
  4.  Horned Wolf (USA)
  5.  Hammerlord (USA)
  6.  Melting Point of Bronze (USA)
  7.  Gorguts (Canada)
  8.  Luddite Clone (USA)
  9.  Demolition Hammer (USA)
  10.  Exhorder (USA)
  11.  Exumer (Germany)
  12.  Discordance Axis (USA)
  13.  Acid King (USA)
  14.  Keef Mountain (USA)
  15.  Graves at Sea (USA)
  16.  Bio-cancer (Greece)
  17.  Whiplash (USA)
  18.  Deathhammer (Norway)
  19.  Terror Squad (Japan)
  20.  Destroyer 666 (Australia)
  21.  Witchery (Sweden)
  22.  Emperor (Norway)
  23.  Mgła (Poland)
  24.  Nile (USA)
  25.  Wolves in the Throne Room (USA)
  26.  Barshasketh (New Zealand / UK)
  27.  Thou (USA)
  28.  Samothrace (USA)
  29.  Nile (USA)