CJ and Judge Dredd on Halloween. These guys were having a blast!!

Can you feel the terror as Halloween looms ever closer?  Vampires lurk in the shadows.  Phantoms await behind every corner to steal your soul. However, because I’m writing this on November 11, we now all know that that REAL horror wasn’t Halloween, but Donald Trump taking over.  They should just change the date of Halloween to November 8 because of this.  Ah well, what can you do?  Such is the Way of Chill Chaos, the official philosophy of Malicious Intent.  By listening to this our show every week, you’ll come to find that the music within contains mayhemic truths that will ultimately enforce your will to power.   Or, at the very least, turn you on to some good stuff that our boys have been have been digging this week!


  1.  Sunn O))) (USA)
  2.  Grave Upheaval (Australia)
  3.  Ulcerate (New Zealand)
  4.  Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)
  5.  Wand (USA)
  6.  Void Omnia (USA)
  7.  Downfall of Gaia (Germany)
  8.  Death Fetishist (USA)
  9.  Batushka (Poland)
  10.  Barren Earth (Finland)
  11.  Deathspell Omega (Finland)
  12.  Blut aus Nord (France)
  13.  Portal (Australia)
  14.  Irkallian Oracle (Sweden)
  15.  Mitochondrion (Canada)
  16.  Mortician (USA)
  17.  Type O Negative (USA)
  18.  Metallica (USA)
  19.  Mercyful Fate (Denmark)
  20.  King Diamond (Denmark)
  21.  Helloween (Germany)
  22.  Iron Maiden (UK)