Judge Dredd and CJ seem to be in a depressing, bleak (albeit still goofy, of course) mood for this show as they bring the “chill chaos” (the show’s new tagline btw) for this week’s episode.  Lots of sludge, experimental black metal, and just a general sense of hopelessness that I’m sure you’ll find to be a delightful listen.  Enjoy!




  1.   Neurosis (USA)
  2.   Corpsessed (Finland)
  3.   Wormrot (Singapore)
  4.   Rotten Sound (Finland)
  5.   Trap Them (USA)
  6.   Car Bomb (USA)
  7.   Blood Red Throne (Norway)
  8.   Excoriate (Germany)
  9.   Downfall of Gaia (Germany)
  10.   Akhlys (USA)
  11.   Départe (Australia)
  12.   Leviathan (USA)
  13.   Krallice (USA)
  14.   Piss Vortex (Denmark)
  15.   Ad Nauseam (Italy)
  16.   Nero di Marte (Italy)
  17.   Ulcerate (New Zealand)
  18.   Immolation (USA)
  19.   Mitochondrion (Canada)
  20.   Morbid Angel (USA)
  21.   Dead Congregation (Greece)
  22.   Schammash (Switzerland)
  23.   The Wretched End (Norway)
  24.   Doomed (Germany)
  25.   Slice the Cake (International)