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WULF’S TOP 10 OF 2016!!!

Not to beat a dead horse, but 2016 was a motherfucker of a year.   I’m not really in the mood to do a recap of all the shitty things (and good things, too, of course!) that happened this year, but I would say that it was probably one of the most chaotic years of…

FRONTSCHWEIN 2016: Rotting Christ | Carach Angren | Necronomicon

MARDUK cancelled due to visa issues 🙁 The show is still on though!

The Land of the Morning Grim

It’s actually not too cold out right now, but it looks relatively grim outside as I type this from my office in Daejeon, South Korea. It’s overcast, rainy, and overall just pretty miserable-looking(kind of how I imagine London to be all year ha), so what better time to make a quick MI update? Since I’ve…