I forgot to post these and a few other special interviews for KJHK’s 40th Anniversary from about 5 years ago. Now, Malicious Intent has been on the air for approximately 25 years!

This will be the first one of a series.

Who are you (real name and Metal name) and what do you do now (occupation or other relevant information)?

Mike Hall AKA Frankenstein. Kitchen & bath designer, Denver CO.

What years did you host the show?

I think 2003ish to 2006

What got you into Metal?

Learning to play guitar at age 13, listened to Ride the Lightning and had to learn how to play like Metallica.

What are some of your fondest memories as a DJ? 

Hanging out with Mark, Alex, and Steve at the shack, talking to callers, getting into all the good shows for free.

What is the craziest story you have from your time as a DJ? Crazy phone call/on-air experience?

The foot in the bucket, cops showing up and our station manager all at the shack at the same time. The story is too long for email so call me if you want the whole thing. 785-633-6654
What was the regional/local metal scene like during your tenure as an MI DJ?KC and Lawrence always had a great scene both for local and national acts. Countless awesome shows at the Bottleneck, Granada, El Torreon and Beaumont Club.

How do you think your time as a MI DJ contributed to the regional/local metal scene? 

I dunno.

How do you think MI as an ongoing show has contributed to the regional/local metal scene?

People seek out Malicious Intent on Sunday night. It’s a Lawrence and KU institution. MI has always been key in maintaining a thriving scene regionally. You can’t hear proper metal on any other program on the air.

What’s changed about the regional/local metal scene since you were an MI DJ?

Lots of crappy indie rock, friends who used to be into metal now play in crappy indie rock bands or claim to ” not be into that shit anymore”, and I’m now the old guy at shows.

Have you stayed active in the Metal scene since you stopped being a DJ? How?

The scene in Denver is pretty good. I go to a lot of shows here. Also geek out on Metal Injection quite often to see what’s going on out there and constantly building my Spotify library with new music I’ve discovered

What was one album that came out during your tenure as a DJ that stands out in your memory?

Wintersun self titled. Instant classic.

Can you describe the average Lawrence metal head?

See Evil Steven Kroeker.

How do you think Malicious Intent should be and/or will be remembered in KJHK’s history? 

I think MI will always be remembered as a show that made its own rules. We had to play the ads and attend staff meetings but we didn’t have to follow the formats like so many other shows did. A lot of kids created shows at KJHK that might have been cool at the time but had no staying power. Also MI reached beyond the KU college listener into the community way more than any other show did. We had a connection to the listeners that was unlike any other show at KJ.

How do you think MI has survived as the oldest specialty show on KJHK (it’s been on non-continuously for over 20 years)?

Because METAL NEVER DIES! Somebody has always been there to take on the show because if you love metal and live in Lawrence you know it’s fucking important! When I started doing the show with Alex, I felt like it was my duty to bring metal to the listeners on Sunday night and I was honored to sit in that seat.