Month: October 2015

In The Beginning…There Was METAL

The following is the retelling of the early days of Malicious Intent on KJHK re-imagined as mythical lore, and was provided by previous MI DJ, Nietch. The Bible of Malicious Intent Book Two: The Era of Nietch As told by the scribe Witgen  VERSE 1: It was a dark time in the land of Jayhawks….

Malicious Intent: Reunion of the Deviants

Clockwise, from top left: Judge Dredd, Mark of the Beast, CJ, Mean Dean the Metal Machine, Metal Al Unholy hails to thee, loyal Malicious Intent legions!!  This blog has been slightly inactive the past few months, mainly due to Judge Dredd and I being busy with our scholarly post-graduate studies and CJ venturing into the…