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Malicious Intent – April 9, 2017

Oh shit, it’s been awhile!  What the hell has been going on??  Well, unfortunately, EVERYONE (including me) has been extremely busy with wrapping up final projects for graduation and/or working full-time jobs, so shit’s been pretty nutty around here for the past couple of months.  However, there is finally light visible at the end of…

NORTH AMERICA UNDER ATTACK 2017: Destruction | Warbringer | Jungle Rot

The Sword | Pontiak

ANNIVERSARY NORTH AMERICA TOUR 2017: Negură Bunget | Aprilmist

FIRST TOUR IN NORTH AMERICA: Arkona | Sirenia | Mindmaze | Sicosis

Wasted Theory | Merlin | Orphans of Doom | Youngblood Supercult

Korn, DED, All That Remains

Okilly Dokilly | Beatallica

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FIRE OF THE PHOENIX 2017 TOUR: Dawn of Ashes | Projekt F | Night Creation | The Soiled Doves

Seeker | Inanimate Existence | Aethere | P.G.S.K.

THE SELF INFLICTED AMERICAN TOUR 2017: Chelsea Grin | Ice Nine Kills | Gideon | Enterprise Earth

Chemicaust | Plaguehammer | Abjure (Outdoor Stage)

Iron Kingdom | Vanlade | HarperLane

TAO OF THE DEVIL TOUR: Brant Bjork | Royal Thunder | Black Wizard

2017 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR: Amorphis | Swallow the Sun

HALF GOD/HALF DEVIL TOUR: In This Moment | Motionless in White | Avatar | Gemini Syndrome

Jucifer | Hyborian | (the) Medicine Theory | Gnarly Davidson

THE REVELATION TOUR: Oceano | Slaughter to Prevail | Aversions Crown | Spite | No Zodiac | Lannik | Numerals

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TECH TREK II: THE NEXT DEGENERATION: Archspire | Arkaik | Ahtme | Moonsick | Mercurial

US TOUR 2016: Anvil | Night Demon | Graveshadow | Dark Apostle

Malicious Intent – March 12, 2017

For this episode, CJ and Judge Dredd are joined by local KC maniacs Horned Wolf!!  Lots of good music, witty banter, and fun times!  Too bad there was no booze.  Also, too bad that for the second half of the show, Judge Dredd’s mic is off so we can’t really hear what he’s saying!!  :p…

Gourmand | Troglodyte | Ahtme | Bleed The Victim | Aprilmist

Big Jesus | Existem | Lazar Wolf | No Place

THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE: Bring Me the Horizon | Underoath | Beartooth

Rozamov | Sons of Mourning | Aphos | Amenaza

Norma Jean | He is Legend | Capsize | Comrades

Pleasures | Gnarly Davidson


Malicious Intent – March 5, 2017

As you may have guessed from the picture, the plague has finally arrived at the University of Kansas, and, unfortunately, the Gods of Chill Chaos don’t give a fuck about the health and well-being of its adherents, so CJ is down for the count for this week’s episode and ol’ Judge Dredd is flying solo!…

LIVING IN THE FALLOUT US TOUR: The Browning | Last Ten Seconds of Life | Blessing a Curse

Like Moths to Flames | Sworn In

Malicious Intent – February 26, 2017

Once again, the MI DJs are MIA 🙁 Just look at the empty KJHK studio.  So sad and lonely 🙁 The phones are probably ringing off the hook with requests (as usual), and there’s no one there to answer them. Luckily though, they still didn’t fail to deliver the goods, because as you can see…

Bad Omens

Power Trip | Iron Reagan | Hyborian | Suicide Vest


ALL OUR GODS HAVE ABANDONED US: Architects | Stray from the Path | Make Them Suffer

Castle | Keef Mountain | Inner Altar | Sons of Mourning

WORLD GONE MAD TOUR 2017: Suicidal Tendencies | Crowbar | Havok

Archgoat | Valkyrja | Hellfire Deathcult | Ritual Combat

CELEBRATING METAL BLADE RECORDS 35th ANNIVERSARY: Whitechapel | Cattle Decapitation | Goatwhore | Allegaeon

BLOOD LUST DEATH TOUR 2017: Combichrist | Dope | September Mourning | Davey Suicide | Dying Breed | In the Shadow


Okilly Dokilly | Beatallica

GODLESS PROPHETS & MIGRANT FLORA TOUR: Darkest Hour | Ringworm | Rotten Sound | Tombs | Rivers of Nihil

EP RELEASE: Macemouth | Keef Mountain | The Sluts | Red Kate

MAX AND IGGOR CAVALERA RETURN TO ROOTS NORTH AMERICA TOUR 2017: Max & IgGor Cavalera | Immolation | Full of Hell

Aegaeon | By The Thousands | Circuit Of Suns | Abjure

TESLA 2017 TOUR: Tesla | The Cringe | The Raskins

Hyborian | Young Bull | Keef Mountain

Overkill | Nile

Origin | Unmerciful | Troglodyte | Torn the Fuck Apart

THE NEW REIGN TOUR: Born of Osiris | Volumes | Oceans Ate Alaska | Within the Ruins | Fire from the Gods

Malicious Intent – February 5, 2017

What’s up everyone!!  CJ and Judge Dredd are joined by a couple guests this evening!  Coach (from local KC thrash punks Altered Beast stops by to hang out and talk about AB’s raging new 7″ self-titled debut, and later Malicious Intent alum Mark of the Beast shows up to crash the party!!  Fuck yeah!!   PLAYLIST:…

Gigantic | Wendy Moira | Gnarly Davidson

Gigantic | Wendy Moira | Gnarly Davidson

IN THE PASSING LIGHT OF DAY NORTH AMERICAN TOUR: Pain of Salvation | Port Noire | A Light Within | Existem

EVERYTHING WAS SOUND TOUR: Silent Planet | Hail the Destroyer | Dayseeker | Ghost Key | Ziion

FRONTSCHWEIN 2017: NORTH AMERICA PART I: Marduk | Incantation | Svart Crown | Stonehaven

Marasmus | Torn the Fuck Apart | Moonsick | Diamond Hyde

Malicious Intent – January 22, 2017

  This week, Judge Dredd and CJ are joined by Lawrence grindcore ragers Hot and Ugly!!  Lots of local scene talk, band history, and, of course, plenty of jokes and giggling.  Also featured is Hot and Ugly’s entire new album, “Revenge of the Ugly”, in its entirety (except for one song which was too naughty…

MEATSHANK ALBUM RELEASE SHOW: Meatshank | Bleed The Victim | Damned by The Pope | Alsatia | Terror Tractor

BLOODSHED ACROSS NORTH AMERICA 2017: Inquisition | Truckfighters | Kings Destroy | Verräter

WULF’S TOP 10 OF 2016!!!

Not to beat a dead horse, but 2016 was a motherfucker of a year.   I’m not really in the mood to do a recap of all the shitty things (and good things, too, of course!) that happened this year, but I would say that it was probably one of the most chaotic years of…

Aegaeon | By the Thousands | Circuit of Suns | Abjure

7-INCH RELEASE SHOW: Altered Beast

Marc Rizzo


Orcs and hobgoblins, ice dragons and wood nymphs, heed my call!!  Our obscure digital dungeon has been chosen to exclusively host the results of the 2016 Dungeon Synth Awards, as voted upon and organized by Facebook’s Dungeon Synth community!!  Below we have the top 3 best albums and best physical releases (as voted upon by…

NORTH AMERICA 2017: Entombed A.D. | Full of Hell | Turbid North | Troglodyte

Mothership | Hyborian | Custom Black | Orphans of Doom

ALMOST KISS VS KC/DC: Almost Kiss (Kiss tribute) vs. KC/DC (AC/DC tribute)

The State of Metal 2016: Judge Dredd’s Dreaded Top 10

Phew, 2016! I mean, right?! Listen, bad shit happens all of the time, every year. I think people are making a bigger deal about 2016 than is really necessary or justified. Some people really just like posting on Facebook when celebrities die or when shitheads get elected to be leaders because they (the FB posters)…

Nature Boys | Gnarly Davidson | Vivid Zebra | Karma Vision

LKXRR – HEAVYWEIGHT EDITION: Keef Mountain | Amenaza | Young Bull | Altered Beast | Inner Altar | SavageLand