Whoaaa shit dudes, it’s the annual Malicious Intent 4/20 show!!  In celebration for the upcoming stoner holiday, Judge Dredd kicks things off with a ton of weed-friendly, psychedelic stoner/sludge/doom before CJ and new MI DJ Gorn completely harsh everyone’s mellow by introducing some death and black metal insanity.  At least they were kind enough to spin some Oranssi Pazuzu, which is pretty tripped-out black metal, although I guess that wouldn’t really make anyone feel better at all so never mind.  Anyway, it’s an amazing show (as always)!  Enjoy!!





  1.  Truckfighters (Sweden)
  2.  Hyborian (USA)
  3.  Gnarly Davidson (USA)
  4.  Keef Mountain (USA)
  5.  Hyperbor (USA)
  6.  Church of Misery (Japan)
  7.  Eyehategod (USA)
  8.  Electric Wizard (UK)
  9.  Species (USA)
  10.  Immolation (USA)
  11.  Asphyx (Netherlands)
  12.  Existem (USA)
  13.  Cattle Decapitation (USA)
  14.  Emperor (Norway)
  15.  Enslaved (Norway)
  16.  Wolves in the Throne Room (USA)
  17.  Veil of Maya (USA)
  18.  Dying Fetus (USA)
  19.  Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)
  20.  Mord’A’Stigmata (Poland)
  21.  Plagues (USA)
  22.  Nightbringer (USA)
  23.  Novembers Doom (USA)
  24.  Swallow the Sun (Finland)
  25.  Novembers Doom (USA)
  26.  Trap Them (USA)
  27.  Cult Leader (USA)