Oh shit, it’s been awhile!  What the hell has been going on??  Well, unfortunately, EVERYONE (including me) has been extremely busy with wrapping up final projects for graduation and/or working full-time jobs, so shit’s been pretty nutty around here for the past couple of months.  However, there is finally light visible at the end of the tunnel!  Judge Dredd and CJ have finally graduated, and I myself will personally be finished with all my shit in about 3-4 weeks, so please bear with us during this extremely hectic time!  Of course, we know that you’re absolutely dying for a show (it’s been too long), we’re finally going to start rolling out some of the older shows that we’ve got archived but haven’t put up yet… so sorry for the delay!

In other MI news, this is the first show (at least that’s being archived on this site) where it’s finally announced that CJ and JD have finally found a new Malicious Intent DJ to take over the show after they finally graduate!!  The man is a mysterious fellow by the name of………………………Gorn.  Bro even makes a guest appearance on the show!  I’ve actually never met this guy and don’t know anything about him, but I’m sure he’ll do a great job of continuing to bring you the best that Chill Chaos has to offer within the coming years (or however long he’s going to be at KU doing the show, idk).

Anyway, this show’s a great one!  JD and CJ are joined by KC tech-death OGs Ahtme (previously known as The Roman Holiday), and we get to hear some of their new stuff and about what they’ve been up to recently!

PS kudos to CJ for picking some great bed music for this show (specifically “Firelink Shrine” from Dark Souls).


1-2.  Ahtme (USA)

3.  Bolt Thrower (UK)

4.  Decrepit Birth (USA)  (CJ says this was Deeds of Flesh, but he’s wrong :D)

5.  Deeds of Flesh (USA)

6.  Diskreet (USA)

7.  Aborted (Belgium)

8.  Revocation (USA)

9.  Suffocation (USA)

10.  Emeth (Belgium)

11.  Benighted (France)

12.  Blood Red Throne (Norway)

13.  The Cleansing (Denmark)

14.  Bloodbath (Sweden)

15.  Crator (USA)

16.  Ulsect (Netherlands)

17.  Dodecahedron (Netherlands)

18.  Behexen (Finland)

19.  Farsot (Germany)

20.  Craft (Norway)

21.  Arckanum (Sweden)

22.  Cult of Fire (Czech Republic)

23.  Taake (Norway)

24.  Judas Iscariot (USA)

25.  Bathory (Sweden)