First picture: CJ (left), Judge Dredd (right). Second picture: Gorn


Although the end of their reign is fast approaching, they’re not finished yet!  In this episode, CJ and Judge Dredd continue to proclaim the blasphemic gospel of Chill Chaos, but soon enough usurper Gorn arrives to crash the party and deliver his own set of mayhem and brutality (yeah, it’s pretty much the same shit as last week, as I guess local KC heshers Horned Wolf were supposed to be in the studio but couldn’t make it.  Ah well.  Anyway, like always it’s good shit!  Enjoy!


  1.  Disentomb (Australia)
  2.  Coffincraft (Finland)
  3.  Bölzer (Switzerland)
  4.  Disincarnate (USA)
  5.  Voidspawn (USA)
  6.  Chth’elist (Canada)
  7.  Corpsessed (Finland)
  8.  Cruciamentum (UK)
  9.  Dead Congregation (Greece)
  10.  Between the Buried and Me (USA)
  11.  Behemoth (Poland)
  12.  Book of Black Earth (USA)
  13.  Adventus (Brazil)
  14.  Sepultura (Brazil)
  15.  The Atlas Moth (USA)
  16.  The Faceless (USA)
  17.  Ahtme (USA)
  18.  Motörhead (UK)
  19.  Speedwolf (USA)
  20.  Disfear (Sweden)
  21.  Martyrdöd (Sweden)
  22.  Bewitcher (USA)
  23.  Inculter (Norway)
  24.  Terror Squad (Japan)
  25.  Ravencult (Greece)
  26.  Hellkeeper (USA)
  27.  Homewrecker (USA)
  28.  Necromorph (Germany)
  29.  The Kill (Australia)
  30.  Hot and Ugly (USA)