Typical lunch experience for CJ at Mrs. E’s. The poor guy never gets a break!!

CJ flies solo this week as Judge Dredd is mysteriously absent…  Without his co-pilot in the Turd Office, will CJ be able to handle doing an ENTIRE show by himself??  How will he cope with the crushing loneliness as it slowly envelops his soul??  Listen below to find out if our boy makes it through the entire three hours in one piece… hang in there, buddy!!


  1.   Advent Sorrow (Australia)
  2.   Obscura (Germany)
  3.   Alustrium (USA)
  4.   Chthe’ilist (Canada)
  5.   Rendered Helpless (New Zealand)
  6.   Alterbeast (USA)
  7.   Goatwhore (USA)
  8.   Fleshgod Apocalypse (Italy)
  9.   Gomorrah (Canada)
  10.   Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)
  11.   Akhlys (USA)
  12.   Arkaik (USA)
  13.   Blood Red Throne (Norway)
  14.   Shaded Enmity (USA)
  15.   Thy Art is Murder (Australia)
  16.   Vile (USA)
  17.   Rotten Sound (Finland)
  18.   Anaal Nathrakh (UK)
  19.   Ulcerate (New Zealand)
  20.   Isis (USA)
  21.   Indian (USA)
  22.   Soma Ras (USA)
  23.   Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky (USA)
  24.   The Red Chord (USA)
  25.   Reflections (USA)
  26.   Carcass (UK)
  27.   Kronos (France)
  28.   Omnihility (USA)
  29.   Disembowelment (Australia)
  30.   Dark Fortress (Germany)