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We Came as Romans

Decapitated | Thy Art is Murder | Fallujah | Ghost Bath

Malicious Intent – May 7, 2017

Sad night in the studio for this show because it’s CJ’s farewell show!!  Don’t worry though, he’ll still be hanging around off and on during future shows, but tonight is all about CJ!  Of course, he’s not alone, as he’s joined in the studio by Judge Dredd, Gorn, and none other than legendary Malicious Intent…

Melvins | Spotlights

Faultfinder | Melting Point of Bronze | Braingea

Malicious Intent – April 23, 2017

  Although the end of their reign is fast approaching, they’re not finished yet!  In this episode, CJ and Judge Dredd continue to proclaim the blasphemic gospel of Chill Chaos, but soon enough usurper Gorn arrives to crash the party and deliver his own set of mayhem and brutality (yeah, it’s pretty much the same…

Malicious Intent – March 12, 2017

For this episode, CJ and Judge Dredd are joined by local KC maniacs Horned Wolf!!  Lots of good music, witty banter, and fun times!  Too bad there was no booze.  Also, too bad that for the second half of the show, Judge Dredd’s mic is off so we can’t really hear what he’s saying!!  :p…

Norma Jean | He is Legend | Capsize | Comrades

Pleasures | Gnarly Davidson

Gigantic | Wendy Moira | Gnarly Davidson

Young Bull | Le Grand | Godzillionaire | Feast ov Fools

Malicious Intent – January 22, 2017

  This week, Judge Dredd and CJ are joined by Lawrence grindcore ragers Hot and Ugly!!  Lots of local scene talk, band history, and, of course, plenty of jokes and giggling.  Also featured is Hot and Ugly’s entire new album, “Revenge of the Ugly”, in its entirety (except for one song which was too naughty…

Nature Boys | Gnarly Davidson | Vivid Zebra | Karma Vision

2016 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR: Sonata Arctica | Leaves’ Eyes | Omnium Gatherum | Whoracle

Truth Cell | Lincoln Marshall | The Soiled Doves | Amenaza

REPLAY RECORDS ALBUM RELEASE SHOW: Gnarly Davidson | Summer Salt | Maybe Not

THE NORTH AMERICAN PRINCIPLE TOUR: Epica | Fleshgod Apocalypse | Arkona | The Antagonist

Earth Groans | Commoner | Vitalis

Black Pussy | Instant Karma!

THERE WILL BE BLOOD LOL: Legs Feed the Wolf | Dead Echoes | Blood Rail | Amenaza

THE RETROGRADE TOUR: Crown the Empire | Blessthefall | New Years Day | Too Close to Touch | Light Up the Sky

Malicious Intent – October 16, 2016

As Halloween looms ever closer, CJ and Judge Dredd bring the “Chill Chaos” in an episode that is especially doom-and-gloom-esque in honor of the impending Samhain celebration (or “HALLOWEEN” if you’re not a complete dork) and includes mind-bending black metal, heart-stopping death metal, and soul-crushing doom metal!!  This is definitely a show that perfectly encapsulates…

HAMMERWEEN VII – THE NEW BLOOD: Fiend Club | Troglodyte | Godmaker | Tennessee Murder Club | Sedlec Ossuary | Bleed The Victim | Damp

Malicious Intent – October 2, 2016

The studio FINALLY fixed the fucking microphones!!  Huzzah!! Anyway, on this episode of MI, CJ and Judge Dredd are both in an especially goofy mood.  Also, although they may have been busy being extreme metal scholarly types and grading papers and shit, you know that they’ll always take the time to bring you a killer…

Malicious Intent – September 25, 2016

Judge Dredd and CJ seem to be in a depressing, bleak (albeit still goofy, of course) mood for this show as they bring the “chill chaos” (the show’s new tagline btw) for this week’s episode.  Lots of sludge, experimental black metal, and just a general sense of hopelessness that I’m sure you’ll find to be…

Gnarly Davidson | Varma Cross | Dark Satellites

Malicious Intent – September 19, 2016

Judge Dredd and CJ are both in a misanthropic, black metal mood for this episode of Malicious Intent.  Is it because of the United States’ current political climate?  The death of a loved one?  Perhaps Judge Dredd forgot to wear pants (AGAIN) to the studio?  While the latter may or may not be true, the…

US SUMMER TOUR 2016: Baroness | Pallbearer

Boris | Earth | Shitstorm

ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE 2016: Carcass | Crowbar | Ghoul | Night Demon

Malicious Intent – April 24, 2016

For this episode of MI, while it’s unclear if CJ was actually at this show or not (seriously, no one can remember if he was there.  They probably drank too much DMT-laced Four Loko (the official MI party beverage of choice) AGAIN…c’mon guys! Get it together!) Judge Dredd (at least) is joined by none other…

Malicious Intent – March 13, 2016

CJ flies solo this week as Judge Dredd is mysteriously absent…  Without his co-pilot in the Turd Office, will CJ be able to handle doing an ENTIRE show by himself??  How will he cope with the crushing loneliness as it slowly envelops his soul??  Listen below to find out if our boy makes it through…

Malicious Intent – February 28, 2016

Judge Dredd and CJ were all pretty bummed out about the mighty Macho Man Randy Savage finally heeding the call to ascend to the great Squared Circle in the Sky, so why not celebrate his life with a bunch of bad jokes, lousy impersonations, and, of course, Judge Dredd’s nonstop giggling.  Oh, and a metal…