For this episode, CJ and Judge Dredd are joined by local KC maniacs Horned Wolf!!  Lots of good music, witty banter, and fun times!  Too bad there was no booze.  Also, too bad that for the second half of the show, Judge Dredd’s mic is off so we can’t really hear what he’s saying!!  :p



1-6.  Horned Wolf (USA)

7.  Warm (USA)

8.  Barishi (USA)

9.  Baroness (USA)

10.  Pantera (USA)

11. Shadows Fall (USA)

12. In Flames (Sweden)

13. Khemmis (USA)

14. Ad Hominem (France)

15. Ahtme (USA)

16. Anomalous (USA)

17. Black Crown Initiate (USA)

18. Black Table (USA)

19. A Loathing Requiem (USA)

20. Omnium Gatherum (Finland)

21. Bloodshot Dawn (USA)

22. Conducting from the Grave (USA)

23. Dark Sermon (USA)

24. Hour of Penance (Italy)

25. Entrails (Sweden)

26. Hate Eternal (USA)