Once again, the MI DJs are MIA 🙁 Just look at the empty KJHK studio.  So sad and lonely 🙁 The phones are probably ringing off the hook with requests (as usual), and there’s no one there to answer them. Luckily though, they still didn’t fail to deliver the goods, because as you can see below, this show is an excellent collection of hard-hitting tunes!! I’d say the autopilot robot DJ did a pretty good job of selecting the music too, even though he was obviously stoned as fuck!!  Just look at all that stoner/sludge!!  Get a job!!



  1.  Wild Throne (USA)
  2.  After Nations (USA)
  3.  Kvelertak (Norway)
  4.  Hyborian (USA)
  5.  Truckfighters (Sweden)
  6.  Church of Misery (Japan)
  7.  Alabama Thunderpussy (USA)
  8.  High on Fire (USA)
  9.  Torche (USA)
  10.  Young Bull (USA)
  11.  Weedeater (USA)
  12.  Keef Mountain (USA)
  13.  Cough (USA)
  14.  Hyperbor (USA)
  15.  Gnarly Davidson (USA)
  16.  Moon Coven (Sweden)
  17.  Schammasch (Switzerland)
  18.  Akhyls (USA)
  19.  Doomstress (USA)
  20.  Skepticism (Finland)
  21.  Pallbearer (USA)
  22.  Crypt Sermon (USA)
  23.  Suffer Yourself (International)
  24.  Worm Ouroboros (USA)
  25.  Dead Congregation (Greece)
  26.  Voidspawn (USA)