What’s up everyone!!  CJ and Judge Dredd are joined by a couple guests this evening!  Coach (from local KC thrash punks Altered Beast stops by to hang out and talk about AB’s raging new 7″ self-titled debut, and later Malicious Intent alum Mark of the Beast shows up to crash the party!!  Fuck yeah!!



1-4.  Altered Beast (USA)

5.  Wormrot (Singapore)

6.  Plague Widow (USA)

7.  Hexis (Denmark)

8.  Napalm Death (UK)

9.  Rotten Sound (Finland)

10. Animosity (USA)

11. Ion Dissonance (Canada)

12. Frontierer (UK)

13. The Acacia Strain (USA)

14. Upheaval (France)

15. Banisher (Poland)

16. Fleshwrought (USA)

17. Marduk (Sweden)

18. Ecferus (USA)

19. Svart Crown (France)

20. Tchornobog (Ukraine)

21. Haggatha (Canada)

22. Bell Witch (USA)

23. Conan (UK)