CJ and Judge Dredd right before seeing Alcest live in Lawrence

That’s right, it’s time for your weekly installment of MALICIOUS INTENT!!  Unfortunately, both CJ AND Judge Dredd were absent for this show because they were at the Alcest show (can’t blame ’em!), so unfortunately this episode was pre-recorded and played by an anonymous substitute DJ or a computer.  So, yeah, you know what that means…no silly jokes or giggling this time around.  Sorry to disappoint everyone!  That being said, there’s still tons of great music!!  Enjoy!!


  1.  Nile (USA)
  2.  Origin (USA)
  3.  Chthe’ilist (Canada)
  4.  Obituary (USA)
  5.  Suffocation (USA)
  6.  Cannibal Corpse (USA)
  7.  Dying Fetus (USA)
  8.  Gruesome (USA)
  9.  Dismember (Sweden)
  10.  Black Breath (USA)
  11.  Entombed (Sweden)
  12.  Unleashed (Sweden)
  13.  Bölzer (Switzerland)
  14.  Withered (USA)
  15.  Seputus (USA)
  16.  Convulsing (Australia)
  17.  Gorguts (Canada)
  18.  Dark Fortress (Germany)
  19.  Hexis (Denmark)
  20.  Samael (Switzerland)
  21.  Inquisition (USA / Colombia)
  22.  Woods of Desolation (Australia)
  23.  Alcest (France)
  24.  Ad Nauseam (Italy)
  25.  Misery Index (USA)
  26.  Vehemence (USA)
  27.  Nails (USA)
  28.  Hour of Penance (Italy)
  29.  Belphegor (Austria)
  30.  Avitas (Canada)
  31.  Anaal Nathrakh (UK)
  32.  The Black Dahlia Murder (USA)
  33.  Animals as Leaders (USA)