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Malicious Intent – January 29, 2017

That’s right, it’s time for your weekly installment of MALICIOUS INTENT!!  Unfortunately, both CJ AND Judge Dredd were absent for this show because they were at the Alcest show (can’t blame ’em!), so unfortunately this episode was pre-recorded and played by an anonymous substitute DJ or a computer.  So, yeah, you know what that means…no…

THE TASTE OF WINTER TOUR: Victory Heights | Devil in the Details

THE ABYSMAL PREDATOR: Napalm Death | The Black Dahlia Murder | Misery Index | Abnormality

Malicious Intent – October 9, 2016

Everyone knows that election season in America is always a shitshow, but this year especially seems to take the fucking cake.   For this week’s episode, CJ and Judge Dredd provide a wonderful soundtrack to the insanity with an equally nutty playlist that vacillates wildly between genres, from frantic mathcore, to black metal, to djent, to…

Malicious Intent – October 2, 2016

The studio FINALLY fixed the fucking microphones!!  Huzzah!! Anyway, on this episode of MI, CJ and Judge Dredd are both in an especially goofy mood.  Also, although they may have been busy being extreme metal scholarly types and grading papers and shit, you know that they’ll always take the time to bring you a killer…

Malicious Intent – September 25, 2016

Judge Dredd and CJ seem to be in a depressing, bleak (albeit still goofy, of course) mood for this show as they bring the “chill chaos” (the show’s new tagline btw) for this week’s episode.  Lots of sludge, experimental black metal, and just a general sense of hopelessness that I’m sure you’ll find to be…

Malicious Intent – September 19, 2016

Judge Dredd and CJ are both in a misanthropic, black metal mood for this episode of Malicious Intent.  Is it because of the United States’ current political climate?  The death of a loved one?  Perhaps Judge Dredd forgot to wear pants (AGAIN) to the studio?  While the latter may or may not be true, the…

FALL TOUR 2016: Act of Defiance | Hatchet | Bleed the Victim

Def Leppard | REO Speedwagon | Tesla

Malicious Intent – April 24, 2016

For this episode of MI, while it’s unclear if CJ was actually at this show or not (seriously, no one can remember if he was there.  They probably drank too much DMT-laced Four Loko (the official MI party beverage of choice) AGAIN…c’mon guys! Get it together!) Judge Dredd (at least) is joined by none other…