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Phantoms of the Orient: An Evening with Vhan of Aek Gwi!!

I don’t think I’ve seen the sun in days.   Maybe weeks.   This has actually been a pretty warm December so far here in a land known for its relatively cold winters.   It’s already the middle of December, and so far it’s just been kind of cold and wet outside (except for a…

Interview with Bestial Desekrator of Sexual Fornications and Goetic Ritual of Nocturnal Damnation!!

Interview conducted via email in August, 2014.   Thanks to Gumiho (구미호) for the translation from Korean to English. It took fucking forever to get this interview done, which was entirely my fault.   Anyway, there’s been a few updates since this interview took place- at the time of this writing, Goatphomet is on hold since…

Black Metal of the Emerald Triangle: An Interview With Lycanthromancer and Skorpius of Miasmic!!


Interview with Invisus of Terra Australis!!

Interview with Hedge Wizard!!

Interview conducted via e-mail in March 2015. Listen and support Hedge Wizards’ music: Keep updated about Hedge Wizard:…

Interview with Crow of Lord Lovidicus!!

Interview with Ghost Bath!!

Interview with D. of Woods of Desolation!!


Interview with Erang!!

  Interview conducted via email, December 2014. Listen and support Erang’s music: Keep updated about Erang: Erang’s channel:…

Interview with Kwon Yong-man of Christfuck!!

Interview with Senyt of Dark Mirror ov Tragedy!!

Interview with Jeong Hyeon-seok of Mara!!

Interview with Mors Principium Est!!

Interview conducted via email, May 2013.…

Interview with HADES The Violet!!

Interview conducted via email in May, 2013.…

Interview with Prostitution!!

Interview conducted via email in April, 2013. Check them out at:…

Interview with Wizard of Accursed Wound!!

Interview with Nihilifer of Erebus Enthroned!!

Interview with VK of Vassafor!!

Interview with Crowned!!

Interview with Maelstrom of Wardaemonic!!

Interview with A. ExI of Corvus!!

Interview with S Slaughter of Séance Records!!

Interview with J.P. of Nontinuum!!

Interview with Isvaroth of Nephrolith!!

Interview conducted via PM on the forum, July 2011. WULF: Congratulations on the successful execution of your new album, “Xullux”. I definitely enjoyed listening to this album, especially from a promising new band from Slovenia! How has the reception been for this album so far? What were you aiming to accomplish with “Xullux”?…

Interview with Barghest of Spearhead!!!

Interview with Serpent Est of Kaiserreich!!

E-mail interview conducted June, 2011. WULF: Congratulations on successfully executing a great work of black metal art! I know “Ravencrowned” has been out for over a year now, but I am just now hearing it for the first time? Is it being re-released by your new label, De Tenebrarum Principio/ATMF, or what’s going…

Interview with MkM of Aosoth!!

Interview with Herr Morbid of Forgotten Tomb!!

Interview with V.I.T.R.I.O.L. of Anaal Nathrakh!!

Interview with David Gold of Woods of Ypres!!

Interview with Martin Harb of Visions of Atlantis!!

Interview with David Sanchez of Havok!!

Interview with Paul Delaney of Black Anvil!!

Interview with Bob Macabre of Chainsaw Dissection / Psychotic Homocidal Dismemeberment / Satanic Impalement!!

E-mail interview conducted between March 31-April 2, 2010. WULF: Tell us a bit about yourself…who you are, any info about your bands, the scene in your hometown, etc. BOB: My name is Bob Macabre. I started back in 1993 with my guitar teacher at that time who did the drum programming. I also worked on…

Interview with Mike Williams of Eyehategod!!

Interview with John 5!!

Interview with Patrick Mameli of Pestilence!!

Phone interview conducted on May 18, 2010. OFFICIAL PESTILENCE MYSPACE…

Interview with Elctrikchair!!

Interview conducted outside Duffy’s in Lawrence, KS, on May 14, 2010….

Interview with Erik Danielsson of Watain!!

Interview with Misha “Bulb” Mansoor of Periphery!!

Interview with Johnny Roberts of Woe of Tyrants!!

Phone interview conducted on May 6, 2010….

Interview with Tapio Wilska of Survivors Zero!!

Phone interview conducted on May 6, 2010….

Interview with Steven Rathbone of Lair of the Minotaur!!

LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR OFFICIAL MYSPACE I realized when typing this up that I kind of implied that The Gaslight Tavern in North Lawrence is a bad venue to see live music. That’s definitely not what I meant, as anyone who has seen a show there knows that it’s a good time. However, I still…

Interview with Chrigel Glanzmann of Eluveitie!!

Phone interview conducted on April 21, 2010. ELUVEITIE OFFICIAL MYSPACE This interview was actually supposed to take place a day or two before, but due to Eluveitie getting mixed up with all the time zone changes (at the time the band was in the middle of their recent tour in North America). However, Chrigel was…

Interview with Rev. James A. Rota II and Emily J. Burton of Fireball Ministry!!

FIREBALL MINISTRY OFFICIAL MYSPACE  Phone interview conducted on April 8, 2010. I made a huge mistake when preparing for this interview. For one, while I had listened to a lot of the album, either I was distracted or just not paying attention and mistakenly thought that the song “Sundown” was on Fireball Ministry’s latest self-titled…

Interview with David White of Heathen!!

NO, this isn’t an interview with the dude from Disturbed!! He’s David White, vocalist for the newly-reformed, legendary Bay Area thrash band Heathen! David was nice enough to take time out of his day to catch up with us on what’s been going on as of late with the band. I should also preface this…

Interview with Jesse Leach of The Empire Shall Fall!!

Phone interview was conducted on April 1st, 2010. The Empire Shall Fall Official Myspace This was a cool interview, as Jesse was a really nice guy and seemed genuinely enthused about me liking his new band. The interview went really well, Jesse was very talkative (as you can tell in his responses to my questions)…

Interview with Gen from The Genitorturers!!

Phone interview taken on March 4, 2010. BAND MYSPACE…

Interview with Bruce Fitzhugh of Living Sacrifice!!

Phone interview taken on February 26, 2010. Living Sacrifice Official Myspace…

Interview with Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste!!

Official Myspace Phone interview taken in Autumn, 2009….

Interview with Thrawn Thelemnar of Secrets of the Moon!!

OFFICIAL BAND MYSPACE This interview was conducted via email in early December, 2009. In hindsight my questions weren’t very well written, but since I had spoken to the band for quite a long time in person after they had recently played a show at the Riot Room in Kansas City, I for some reason thought…

Interview with Sami Hinkka of Ensiferum!!

Official Ensiferum Myspace This phone interview was conducted on Thursday, August 13th, 2009 by WULF and MARK OF THE BEAST at MARK OF THE BEAST’S dank dungeon lair. WULF: OK, so I might pronounce some names wrong as we go because Finnish is a really interesting language with some unique names, but I don’t know…

Interview with Lazarus A.D.!!

Interview with Lazarus A.D. Follow Lazarus A.D. on Facebook: Taken on June 6, 2009 at the Beaumont Club, Kansas City, Missouri. I should note that this was a pretty difficult interview to transcribe because everyone was talking all at once and at times it was often really hard to figure out who was saying what…so,…