Judge Dredd’s final show 🙁

Luckily, he plays a ton of really good shit and I (Wulf) keep things from getting too depressing by making bad jokes and getting into dumb arguments with him!  Always a good time with the MI crew!

Also, JD will still be involved with the Malicious Intent Facebook page (I’m pretty sure, at least); CJ will also continue to be involved with Malicious Intent in terms of behind-the-scenes tech stuff (as well as his badass new metal band, Marsh of Swans); and I, of course, will still be running this main site that no one gives a shit about.

As always, the show will continue with Gorn at the helm, but it seems like he’s not very good about uploading the shows for me to post on here so you can expect that our “podcasts”/show uploads will be pretty spotty/non-existent.  But never fear!  I will still continue to update the site with Black Metal Banchans, Dungeon Synth Explorations, and whatever else I have time for.



  1.  Converge (USA)
  2.  Old Man Gloom (USA
  3.  Coalesce (USA)
  4.  The Esoteric (USA)
  5.  Amenaza (USA)
  6.  God Mother (USA)
  7.  The Dillinger Escape Plan (USA)
  8.  Early Graves (USA)
  9.  A Pregnant Light (USA)
  10.  Svalbard (Canada)
  11.  Napoleon (UK)
  12.  Alkaloid (Germany)
  13.  Fallujah (USA)
  14.  Cynic (USA)
  15.  Death (USA)
  16.  Artificial Brain (USA)
  17.  Gorguts (Canada)
  18.  Nile (USA)
  19.  Abyssal (UK)
  20.  Ad Nauseam (Italy)
  21.  Deathspell Omega (France)
  22.  Dodecahedron (Netherlands)
  23.  Ulsect (Netherlands)
  24.  Cult of Fire (Czech Republic)
  25.  Suffering Hour (USA)
  26.  Howls of Ebb (USA)
  27.  Pig Destroyer (USA)
  28.  Die Choking (USA)
  29.  Oranssi Pazuzu (Finland)
  30.  Strapping Young Lad (Canada)
  31.  Emperor (Norway)