Hooooly shit this show was epic!!  Not only does this show feature our favorite Malicious Intent DJs CJ, Judge Dredd, and Gorn, but both Mark of the Beast and I (Wulf) also stop by to get in on the action!!  Yep, that’s right; I was on vacation from work so I decided to take a trip allll the way from South Korea to good ol’ LFK, just so I could have the sacred privilege of making a guest appearance on this glorious radio show.  Oh and Gorn’s buddy was also a guest on the show, but he didn’t really talk so don’t worry too much about that.

Anyway, it’s a great show (just look at the playlist)!  We also talk a bunch of shit about Slayer, make dumb jokes, and just in general have a good fucking time.  Should you be brave enough to listen, I’ll bet you will too!



  1.  Within the Fall (Sweden)
  2.  Erebos (Poland)
  3.  Blood Oath (Chile)
  4.  Sorrowful (Mexico)
  5.  Ishtar (Sweden)
  6.  Dark Oath (Poland)
  7.  A Pale December (Italy)
  8.  Aeternum Vale (Ireland)
  9.  Discordance Axis (USA)
  10.  Wormrot (Singapore)
  11.  Bone Dance (USA)
  12.  Piss Vortex (Denmark)
  13.  The Armed (USA)
  14.  Rotten Sound (Finland)
  15.  Nails (USA)
  16.  Cloud Rat (USA)
  17.  Sunlight’s Bane (USA)
  18.  Hexis (Denmark)
  19.  Weekend Nachos (USA)
  20.  Autokrator (France)
  21.  Amon Amarth (Sweden)
  22.  Celtic Frost (Switzerland)
  23.  Morrigan (Germany)
  24.  Order of the Ebon Hand (Greece)
  25.  Meshuggah (Sweden)
  26.  Welicoruss (Russia)
  27.  Pungent Stench (Austria)
  28.  Skyborne Reveries (Australia)
  29.  Skalmold (Iceland)
  30.  Slayer (USA)