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Malicious Intent – August 6, 2017

Judge Dredd’s final show ūüôĀ Luckily, he plays a ton of really good shit and I (Wulf) keep things from getting too depressing by making bad jokes and getting into dumb arguments with him!¬† Always a good time with the MI crew! Also, JD will still be involved with the Malicious Intent Facebook page (I’m…

Decapitated | Thy Art is Murder | Fallujah | Ghost Bath

Malicious Intent – July 30, 2017

Hooooly shit this show was epic!! ¬†Not only does this show feature our favorite Malicious Intent DJs CJ, Judge Dredd, and Gorn, but both Mark of the Beast and I (Wulf) also stop by to get in on the action!! ¬†Yep, that’s right; I was on vacation from work so I decided to take a…

Malicious Intent – May 7, 2017

Sad night in the studio for this show because it’s CJ’s farewell show!! ¬†Don’t worry though, he’ll still be hanging around off and on during future shows, but tonight is all about CJ! ¬†Of course, he’s not alone, as he’s joined in the studio by Judge Dredd, Gorn, and none other than legendary Malicious Intent…

Melvins | Spotlights

Faultfinder | Melting Point of Bronze | Braingea

Godmaker | Hyborian | Gnarly Davidson

Malicious Intent – February 5, 2017

What’s up everyone!! ¬†CJ and Judge Dredd are joined by a couple guests this evening! ¬†Coach (from local KC thrash punks Altered Beast stops by to hang out and talk about AB’s raging new 7″ self-titled debut,¬†and later Malicious Intent alum Mark of the Beast shows up to crash the party!! ¬†Fuck yeah!!   PLAYLIST:…

Young Bull | Le Grand | Godzillionaire | Feast ov Fools

Marc Rizzo

WINTER WARRIORS TOUR: Battlecross | Allegaeon | Necromancing the Stone

Earth Groans | Commoner | Vitalis

STRATGAZER’S HALLOWEEN PARTY: Dope | Flaw | Motograter | Collapse | In the Shadow | Unwritten Rulz | Watching the Fall | Counterfeit | Mechanize | Harvest the Flesh | Sinful Sideshow

SHOWCASE FOR SO WHAT?! MUSIC FESTIVAL: NIGHT TWO: Skin Deep | Lost in the City | Somewhere in Hiding | Numerals | Thousand Years Wide

Hed PE

RETURN OF THE DREADS TOUR 2016: Korn | Rob Zombie | In This Moment

THE FINAL TOUR: Forty Fathoms | Souls | The Tooth | Conflicts | SavageLand | ZIION

Malicious Intent – February 28, 2016

Judge Dredd and CJ were all pretty bummed out about the mighty Macho Man Randy Savage finally heeding the call to ascend to the great Squared Circle in the Sky, so why not celebrate his life with a bunch of bad jokes, lousy impersonations, and, of course, Judge Dredd’s nonstop giggling. ¬†Oh, and a metal…

The Grym Kym Interviews: Episode 1

One of my favorite things ever is to ask people what their opinions are on music, especially when under the influence of alcohol or other things. ¬†This interview with Grym Kym was conducted sometime in the freezing Winter of 2012, in the middle of the night outside of town….