Sad night in the studio for this show because it’s CJ’s farewell show!!  Don’t worry though, he’ll still be hanging around off and on during future shows, but tonight is all about CJ!  Of course, he’s not alone, as he’s joined in the studio by Judge Dredd, Gorn, and none other than legendary Malicious Intent DJ Mark of the Beast!!  Listen in for a great metal playlist, fun stories, and our boys’ vain attempts at yet again try to give away Pallbearer tickets.  Enjoy!!


  1.  Codex: Factoria (Canada)
  2.  Abhorrent Decimation (UK)
  3.  Cannibal Corpse (USA)
  4.  Aborted (Belgium)
  5.  The Acacia Strain (USA)
  6.  Aegaeon (USA)
  7.  Agalloch (USA)
  8.  Burzum (Norway)
  9.  Wolves in the Throne Room (USA)
  10.  Zhrine (Iceland)
  11.  Alterbeast (USA)
  12.  Black Dahlia Murder (USA)
  13.  Ad Nauseam (Italy)
  14.  Archspire (Canada)
  15.  Ad Hominem (France)
  16.  Inculter (Norway)
  17.  Advent Sorrow (Australia)
  18.  Akhlys (USA)
  19.  Swallow the Sun (Finland)
  20.  Septicflesh (Greece)
  21.  Underling (USA)
  22.  Archivist (International)
  23.  Mgła (Poland)
  24.  Benighted (France)