CJ and Judge Dredd (AKA “The Sexmasters” as they’re known around campus) right before going on the air.

As Halloween looms ever closer, CJ and Judge Dredd bring the “Chill Chaos” in an episode that is especially doom-and-gloom-esque in honor of the impending Samhain celebration (or “HALLOWEEN” if you’re not a complete dork) and includes mind-bending black metal, heart-stopping death metal, and soul-crushing doom metal!!  This is definitely a show that perfectly encapsulates the mood of the weather as we transition from a blisteringly hot summer to a time in which everything slowly dies before giving way to the earthen corpse of freezing winter oblivion (also known as the dreaded “holiday season” among the denizens forsaken Kansas wastelands).





  1.  Vektor (USA)
  2.  Downfall of Nur (Italy/Argentina)
  3.  Sun Worship (Germany)
  4.  Skyforest (Russia)
  5.  Fallujah (USA)
  6.  Imperial Triumphant (USA)
  7.  Hexis (Denmark)
  8.  Artificial Brain (USA)
  9.  Behemoth (Poland)
  10.  Bolt Thrower (UK)
  11.  Severe Torture (Netherlands)
  12.  Abominable Putridity (Russia)
  13.  Mord’A’Stigmata (Poland)
  14.  Russian Circles (USA)
  15.  Cult of Luna (Sweden)
  16.  Samothrace (USA)
  17.  Lycus (USA)
  18.  Khemmis (USA)