Everyone knows that election season in America is always a shitshow, but this year especially seems to take the fucking cake.   For this week’s episode, CJ and Judge Dredd provide a wonderful soundtrack to the insanity with an equally nutty playlist that vacillates wildly between genres, from frantic mathcore, to black metal, to djent, to proggy post-hardcore, etc. This one’s got it all, folks!  Enjoy!


  1.  Converge (USA)
  2.  Loath (Finland)
  3.  Early Graves (USA)
  4.  Suffer (Germany)
  5.  Dendritic Arbor (USA)
  6.  The Dillinger Escape Plan (USA)
  7.  Botch(USA)
  8.  Ion Dissonance (Canada)
  9.  Meshuggah (Sweden)
  10.  Car Bomb (USA)
  11.  Between the Buried and Me (USA)
  12.  Devin Townsend (Canada)
  13.  Napoleon (UK)
  14.  Downfall of Nur (Argentina/Italy)
  15.  Départe (Australia)
  16.  Naga (Italy)
  17.  Chapel of Disease (Germany)
  18.  Anaal Nathrakh (UK)
  19.  Inculter (Norway)
  20.  Plague Widow (USA)
  21.  Ingested (UK)
  22.  Lorna Shore (USA)
  23.  Pathology (USA)
  24.  Vulnus (Greece)
  25.  Entheos (USA)
  26.  Fleshgod Apocalypse (Italy)
  27.  Hideous Divinity (Norway/Italy)
  28.  Kronos (France)
  29.  Cannibal Corpse (USA)
  30.  Demilich (Finland)