The studio FINALLY fixed the fucking microphones!!  Huzzah!! Anyway, on this episode of MI, CJ and Judge Dredd are both in an especially goofy mood.  Also, although they may have been busy being extreme metal scholarly types and grading papers and shit, you know that they’ll always take the time to bring you a killer fucking playlist every week.  Seriously, this is probably their best show so far in terms of music selection (at least CJ’s half…haha sorry JD).

However, I AM with Judge Dredd in terms of  Imperium Dekadenz being one of the worst metal band names of all time.


  1.   Lykathea Aflame (Czech Republic)
  2.   Insomnium (Finland)
  3.   Alcest (France)
  4.   Oathbreaker (Belgium)
  5.   Imperium Dekadenz (Germany)
  6.   Mesarthim (Australia)
  7.   Moradin (Canada)
  8.   Advent Sorrow (Australia)
  9.   Woods of Desolation (Australia)
  10.   Panopticon (USA)
  11.   Kvelertak (Norway)
  12.   Anciients (Canada)
  13.   Barishi (USA)
  14.   Codex: Factoria (Canada)
  15.   Oathbreaker (Belgium)
  16.   Young and in the Way (USA)
  17.   Martröð (International)
  18.   Bhavachakra (USA)
  19.   Crator (USA)
  20.   Dysrhythmia (USA)
  21.   Virus (Norway)